6 simple way to redeem BonusLink gifts


BonusLink card holders can enjoy redeem their BonusLink gifts using the following 6 redemption channels. Just select which one do you prefer and start to redeem 🙂

1. On-The-Spot

The most convenient way is by Redeem Gifts instantly at over 800 outlets nationwide!. For example you can redeem at Shell, Parkson, ESH, Poh Kong, Caring Pharmacy and many more outlets in Malaysia.This options available only to Primary Members with PIN. All you have to do is present your Primary BonusLink Card and IC to redeem. But it may limited to selected gifts only.

2. Online

  1. Log on to www.bonuslink.com.my
  2. To login, enter your primary BonusLink card number and pin
  3. Browse the gifts and redemption gifts,select your favourites and click Redeem Now
  4. Enter your desired quantity and click Update Quantity. Browse for more gift items or proceed to complete redemption
  5. Check gift delivery information and update your latest contact information
  6. Click Redeem Now to confirm. A gift redemption Reference Number will be provided for tracking purpose. Redemption Confirmation email also will submit to your mail inbox.

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Website to buy and sell bicycle


Bicycle Buy & Sell (http://bicyclebuysell.com/) are recommended website to all Mountain bikes (Mtb), Road, Downhill, Foldable, Touring BMX cyclist. Bicycle Buy & Sell is a web based trading website that allows users to buy and sell new and used bicycles, bicycle spare part/equipment, and apparel/accessories around Malaysia. For the example, you can find  complete bike, front/rear shock, tires, chain /cogs /guides, frame, wheel set, derailleur, brakes, hub, bike rack and many more at Bicycle Buy & Sell. User easily can post information on what they would like to buy or sell, seller or buyer information, and uploading an image. Bicycle Buy & Sell also provide a public chat box that can allow user can communicate, do discussion, sharing their knowledge and experience about bicycle. Bicycle Buy & Sell it’s a very simple website but very usefull for the cyclist.