Recover deleted contact from MS Outlook 2007

Here I want to share on how to recover a deleted contact list from MS Outlook 2007 if  there is no exchange server exist. If you are using exchange server, it’s can be recover by click Recover Deleted Items button on the Tools menu. For this post, this method suitable if:

1. You are using POP3/SMTP account type.
2. you haven’t emptied your Deleted Items folder since you lost your contacts. If you have done it,I cannot help you.
3. There are no backups (.pst files) to restore.
4. No exchange server exist.
5. When you delete a contact, it show you a confirmation message “Are you sure you want to delete the folder “Foldername” and move all of its contents into the Deleted Items folder?” and you proceed by click OK. But when you see into “Deleted Items folder”, the folder does not exist.

To recover it, you can use Export and Import functions in the MS outlook 2007. Follow the following step to make it.

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Watching Astro using your PC and Handphone

Long time I’m not update my blog. Today I want to share with you’ll on how to watch Astro using your PC and handphone. It’s free!. The basic thing that you need are:

  1. Broadband internet connection (faster is better)
  2. PC installed with  Realplayer software and browser (Internet Explorer or Mozilla)

If you have all the above requirements, follow the step by step after the jump.

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