How to check your PC a male or female?

Following is the steps to find it out yourself.

Step 1:
Open up blank notepad

Step 2:
Type the below string into it. (Do not use copy & paste, it may be doesn’t work, type manually)

[note]CreateObject(“SAPI.SpVoice”).Speak”I love YOU” [/note]

Step 3:
Save the file as .vbs (eg. I_love_you.vbs)

Step 4:
Execute that file via double clicking it. You will know if it is a guy or girl through the sound.

Have problem?, you can download the test file here (extract the zip file and double clicking it):Check you computer gender1

Mine is a guy!

More advance, you also can know what is name of the owner of the voice. Use the following script (replace script in step 2):
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