How to reset your Macbook password without an OS X CD

Yesterday, I need to install Microsoft Office 2011 into my boss Macbook Air. During the installation, it requested me to enter administrator password, but the Macbook is using autologin, locked and my boss totally don’t know the password. By searching the web, I found the solutions.
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Bonuslink Redemption Form Issue


Hi, most people come to my blog by using keyword “Bonuslink Redemption Form” and they cannot find the form here. I think they want to do redemption using 1 of the way to redeem (Mail In/Fax In), that I share in my previous post 6 simple way to redeem BonusLink gifts. Last time, I only use Online redemption so I never see the redemption form. I try to find the form by searching from the web, Bonuslink website but the result, I also not found the Bonuslink redemption form.
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