Are you a MAPS Subscriber?


As a Registered Microsoft Partner, you can subscribe to the latest Microsoft software, tools, training and business-critical support at just RM1326.00 a year. All this are made possible through Microsoft Action Pack Subscription (MAPS).

What’s included in MAPS?
When you sign up for this cost-effective, annual subscription, you will receive one Welcome Kit and three Quarterly Update Kits, including internal-use product licenses to test and demo, as well as in-depth product information.

MAPS Eligibility
This program is designed for reseller companies whose primary function is to:
(i) sell, service, support Microsoft products and technologies;
(ii) to build solutions on Microsoft platform;
(iii) to provide solutions based on Microsoft products and technologies to independent third-party customers.

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How to Subscribe or Renew MAPS
Step 1. Join the Partner Program.
Step 2. Successfully complete a short online course and brief assessment.
Step 3. Order MAPS.

Microsoft Action Pack Subscription (MAPS) contents.

Windows and Server software:

  • Windows Server 2008 Standard and Web Editions
  • Windows Vista Business 32 bit – 10 licenses
  • Microsoft Virtual PC – 10 licenses
  • Windows Small Business Server
  • SQL Server 2008 Standard Edition
  • Exchange Server Standard Edition
  • Sharepoint server Enterprise Edition
  • Microsoft Hyper-V server – 10 licenses
  • and many more..

Microsoft Office System Software

  • Office Enterprise – 10 licenses
  • Project Professional – 10 licenses
  • Visio Professional – 10 licenses
  • Office sharepoint designer – 10 licenses
  • MapPoint 2009 standard edition – 10 licenses
  • and many more..

IT Management Software

  • Microsoft System Center Essentials – 10 licenses
  • and many more..

Read more about Microsoft Action Pack Subscription (MAPS) contents here

MAPS Restrictions: 

  • You may acquire one subscription per company, per country.
  •  You may enroll in this initiative only once per year.
  • Effective November 30, 2007, if you’re enrolled in the Microsoft Empower for ISVs program, which is intended for software developers creating their first Microsoft platform-based solutions, you cannot also subscribe to the Action Pack, which is intended for IT professionals seeking access to internal-use licenses for current Microsoft software offerings. If you would prefer to subscribe to the Action Pack, you must first cancel your Empower program subscription (without refund).
    Note: Allow 24 hours for system changes to take effect.
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