Bonuslink Redemption Form Issue


Hi, most people come to my blog by using keyword “Bonuslink Redemption Form” and they cannot find the form here. I think they want to do redemption using 1 of the way to redeem (Mail In/Fax In), that I share in my previous post 6 simple way to redeem BonusLink gifts. Last time, I only use Online redemption so I never see the redemption form. I try to find the form by searching from the web, Bonuslink website but the result, I also not found the Bonuslink redemption form.

Actually, Bonuslink not really or provide specific form to redeem gifts. They not recommend user to use Mail In/Fax In method, but user can actually redeem using the more efficient following channels: –
1) Online – Website @ – please note that you will need a PIN to log in to make a redemption
2) Call Bonuslink directly to redeem @ 03-76261000

Refer to following answer at by bonuslink regarding the bonuslink redemption form:

It’s better if user can register account with Bonuslink and redeem using the online system. At the same time, user can update their account and profile, point collected, do redemption by viewing the online catalog and after that track the redemption status and many more.

Now, Bonuslink also in the Facebook. Simply go to Facebook and search Bonuslink or click Here, Like the page and start communicate with the Bonuslink Member Services Consultant, they very helpful to answer user question and further enquiries.

Hope this will help…


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