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When I study a few years ago at UNITAR, i’m using PTPTN loan to support all the study and exam fees. It’s about RM40K+. Now I’m graduated and proud to become an executive in an MSC company. Previously, I’m on and off to pay back the loan, it because I’m facing the financial problem (just married). So, now I want to look into it and so surprised the “Kos pentadbiran” charged every month to me is very high. So now, my financial problem solved and I planned to slowly start pay it back. I know..That’s my responsibilities.

Here I want to share with you’ll on how to check your billing statement and pay your PTPTN loan using online banking.

1. To check you billing statement, you can visit the E-FES site or type your browser.

2. Here you need to “No Pin” to login the site. You can get the No pin by emailing your  name and I.C no You will receive the No pin after they reply your email

3. You also can get your “No pin” using SMS. This the fastest way but your will be charge RM0.50 for the SMS.
Type PTPTN NOPIN[Space]NOKP and sent to 33199

4. After you get the No Pin, you now can login to the system and you can see your billing statement.

5. Inside there, you can see an option to pay the PTPTN using FPX. This will integrate with major Online Banking in Malaysia.

6. You just follow the rest of instructions and you’re done! Please note that you will be charge RM0.50 for every transactions when using FPX.meps-fpx

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6 thoughts on “Check Billing and Pay PTPTN Online

  1. but they nvr reply my email for the No.Pin ?

  2. I couldn’t open up your E-FES site to see the penyata of mind. I last saw my penyata which is dated 31 Dis 2008. Surprised to see the kos pentadbiran. Does it still stay at 3% or now 1%

  3. can i get a contact person which i can email because im working at abudhabi. problem to me coz got a same problem with siti aishah. pls update.

  4. How can i check my “No. surat tawaran” ? so i can proceed pay my ptptn loan..

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