Check EPF Statement of accounts using i-akaun


i-Akaun is an online Employees Provident Fund (EPF) account for member’s or an employer’s . i-Akaun service is provided free of charge. This online services offered by the EPF to enable member’s and employer’s to do the following services:

For member’s:

  • Check their EPF statement of accounts either the current or previous years
  • Check their withdrawal status and view the history of past withdrawals
  • Calculate the amount eligible for withdrawal for the various withdrawal schemes
  • Convenience method to of update their addresses

For employer’s:

  • Check employers latest EPF transaction
  • Check items such as dividends
  • Access Form A, print and submit the completed form
  • Convenience method to supply the correct and complete information about their employees

Here I want share with you all on how to activate and get your own i-Akaun.

1. Get your activation code. Members can create their own activation code at any of the EPF offices via the Smart Kiosks or the special counter called PKB Counter. You only need MyKad to generate your own activation code.
2.Visit official website of the EPF at Before you proceed, make sure you have all the following details:

  • EPF number (example: 01233210), or
  • IC number; and
  • Activation Code.

3. Click “First Time Login“. The Terms & Conditions page will be displayed.
4. Click “I agree” and type in either your EPF number or IC number.
5. Click “Activate“.
6. When all information required has been correctly typed in, you will get a screen where you can type in your own user ID and password. These user ID and password will be used for all your future logins to i-Akaun . Please fill in the required information in all mandatory fields.
7. Next, you will get a login screen.
8. Now you may login using your newly created user ID and password and start using the service.

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