Tips – How to install Favicon into your site

What is Favicon?

Notice the “Cool” smileys that appears in the left-most area of the address bar in Internet Explorer graphic below.


We call it as a favicon (favourites icon). This favicons appear after adding a website with a favicon to the favorites menu in Internet Explorer and certain other browsers. Favicon should be 16 X 16 pixels with 16 colors and the file name should be favicon.ico.

How to create Favicon.ico?

You can use IconEdit32, is a good freeware program that allows you to create favicons as well as other icons with different sizes and color depths. But, the easiest way, you can use online tools  provided by Dynamic Drive.


Just prepare you image, easily you can create and download the favicon.ico.

Install Favicon.ico to your site

After you created the favicon, do the following step to install the favicon into your site.

  1. Upload (FTP) your favicon (“favicon.ico”) to your root of your site. You can verify it’s there by typing in the browser’s location, where “” is your site’s address.
  2. Next, add the following code in between the HEAD Tags on each of your pages, at least, your site’s main index page:

or, if you don’t have your own domain e.g:using geocities, you can still use a favicons on your site. Use the following code.

3. You’re done. That’s it!

WordPress plugin to manage favicon:

Admin Favicon is a recommended and very usefull plugin. It creates a link to a favicon, into the header of the WordPress administrative console. By using this plugin, you no need to add code in between the HEAD Tags on each pages.


Important Notes:

  • Your favicon may not appear immediately after you’ve completed the above steps.
  • You may need to delete all the temporary internet file and clear the cookies.
  • In fact, it may take a few days, and in Internet Explorer, sometimes the favicon will disappear from time to time due to a browser bug.
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