How to remove Youporn from Skybox F3


Hi, as a user of Skybox F3, F5 and M3, we know that, for those updated their box with latest firmware starting from version dated 19/11/2012. The Youtube software is very good but for YouPorn, we need some control especially for our kids. So, here I would like to share on how to remove or hide built in YouPorn located in Network App.

To hide YouPorn, please use the following step:

1. Press Menu
2. Select Network Local Setting and press OK
3. Select Network App
4. When you can see the YouPorn icon showing just press 6666 on remote and it will disappear.
5. Please remember that this action not remove the software, it only hidden.Please do not for ever press 6666 again it will be back, unless you use old software that folder will go for ever.

Before hide:

After hide:

Another method is to control YouPorn software, it is password protected. You can set password to access it. The default password for YouPorn is 0000. This password is same with the main password of your Skybox menu control and parental control.

To permanently remove the YouPorn software, you can flash the earlier firmware version (firmware dated less than 31/10/2012) but I not sure is there any issue in term of stability of the box in the future. This box have frequent firmware update to make it more stable and have more future.

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