How to unblock or bypass websites blocked by ISP

As we know, most of the ISP started to block all the sharing file website. Following is the list of site blocked by ISP:

– Megaupload
– Megavideo
– fileserve
– and many more website that blocked previously.

For my case, i’m using Unifi and Streamyx  with windows XP and windows 7,  this way is work. Refer to the following details to unblock or bypass all the above list of websites:

What you need to do is add following DNS into you DNS setting.

Google DNS

Preferred DNS :
Alternate DNS :

Open DNS

Preferred DNS :
Alternate DNS :

Click image to see full image:


  • This solutions maybe just temporary. ISP may be do some others setting like block IP address to totally block all the website.
  • This solutions may work for some ISP only, tested on Streamyx and Unifi.
  • You may feel some slowness on download speed.
  • There are some others method that you can try like using VPN software (OpenVPN) to bypass all this blocked website.
  • For advance use, you may set this DNS into the router so that no need to key the DNS  in the computer.


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2 thoughts on “How to unblock or bypass websites blocked by ISP

  1. It works,bro…
    TQVM for your guide here…
    I’m goin 2 hammer our government next year…

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