Where to download latest Skybox firmware for F3, F5 and M3

skybox-f3-f5-m3Hi, Skybox is one of the satellite TV decoder that have frequent update of firmware to make sure the device more stable from time to time. Currently, there are 2 location or website to download the latest firmware or even earliest firmware if the latest firmware not stable.

To download latest firmware of Skybox, you can download from following website:

Skybox.cc – http://www.skybox.cc
Yojiatech.com – http://www.yojiatech.com/

Base on my experience, the download speed from Skybox.cc is more faster compare to Yojiatech.com but both of the file is the same.

How to remove Youporn from Skybox F3


Hi, as a user of Skybox F3, F5 and M3, we know that, for those updated their box with latest firmware starting from version dated 19/11/2012. The Youtube software is very good but for YouPorn, we need some control especially for our kids. So, here I would like to share on how to remove or hide built in YouPorn located in Network App.

To hide YouPorn, please use the following step:
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