PTPTN – Explanation about Kos Pentadbiran


Kos Pentadbiran

Most people not clearly understand what is the Kos Pentadbiran /service charge / administrative cost stand for, where it come from and how to calculate with correct calculation of the charges. Here I want to share with you all about it and hope this will help all the PTPTN borrowers understand about Kos Pentadbiran /service charge /administrative cost.

What is the meaning of kos pentadbiran /service charge / administrative cost in PTPTN and where it come from?

Kos pentadbiran /service charge / administrative cost in PTPTN is a cost charged to the borrower as stated inside the agreement signed. This cost will be calculated 6 month after the borrower finish their study or end receiving loan which ever earlier. Rate 4% a year will be imposed for pay back period until 31 December 2003. From 1 January 2004, it was reduced to 3% a year and calculated base on monthly loan balance. Please take note that it is NOT 3% of you total loan, but 3% of your balance of every year. Here is the difference and common mistakes borrowers usually do.

Below is the the sample of the Kos Pentadbiran /service charge /administrative cost charged to borrowers:


How to calculate Kos Pentadbiran /service charge /administrative cost?

Your can find the loan repayment formula from PTPTN website to calculate. But here I will try to simplified it and borrowers easy can understand on how to calculate it so that you can settled your loan correctly and on time. Take your calculator and we try to calculate it.

Refer to the following table with  example of the variable that we will be use. I use simple amount to make the explanation easier and you all able to clearly understand it.

Lets assume:


From above explanation, we can sumamrize that if we pay less than the amount stated in agreement signed + 3% of Kos pentadbiran, we cannot settled loan payment on time base on the target of payment term.
The Kos pentadbiran still recurring because it will be calculated base on monthly loan balance.

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7 thoughts on “PTPTN – Explanation about Kos Pentadbiran

  1. PTPTN so called ‘kos pentadbiran’ is basically interests being charged to the borrowers.

    I’m sure they do not want to create some sort of controversial headings in Malay society when they explicitly telling everyone you have to pay the Riba or else known as ‘interest’.

    But to compare, PTPTN loan is among the lowest interest levied loans available in the market. It’s only 4% AND importantly, it’s a reduced balance calculation.

    The more you pay, the better it gets. Unlike fixed loan like Hire and Purchase. It makes no difference if you pay more every month.

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  4. Yep, I too don’t understand why the kos pentadbiran is so high. If a person is unemployed, how is he/she going to finish paying on time when the interest keeps accummulating? With the interest rate like that, looks like one will be old before finish paying the government loan… And it’s supposedly meant to help students without a good financial background. What’s the point of a ‘helpful loan’ if one has to pay back a sum that one may not be able to afford? A graduate may not be able to get a good salary when he starts working… How to support his daily expenses per month if 20% of his salary is used to pay his student loan? Consider this, need to pay house rent, transport to and from work, food, bills and etc… Now, I advise those who are going to take the loan to think twice. If you can find an alternative way to pay for your tertiary education, do so. Like working part-time while studying. Taking a loan needs a lot of commitment and responsibility if you plan to pay everything back on time.

  5. I just wonder what happen if I pay any amount at any time. How do they calculate the kos pentadbiran. Right now i don,t know my loan balance. Please help me

  6. Ok…saya da bayar ptptn slama 3 tahun..bile check penyata, ada kos pentadbiran sebanyak Rm500++. Before ni, sy just bayar ikut jadual. (Ansuran Bulanan). Maknyanya, saya da tersalah bayar kan?Saya perlu bayar untuk kos pentadbiran sekali kan?

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