Add additional hardware into your VMWare virtual machine


By default, we will install standard or basic hardware device to make the  operating system successfully running in your virtual machine (VMWare). But in certain situations, we need to add additional hardware device into it such as we need dual network interface card (NIC)/Ethernet adapter/Network card to meet the requirement on implementation to do clustering or VPN.

Here I want to share with you all on how to add additional hardware or device into your virtual machine.

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Tips – How to Configure Windows Cluster On VMWare Workstation

Most people know on how to install windows server using VMWare Workstation. But not all know on how to configure the “Shared Storage” to store Quorum drive (Q:\) and Data (S:\) when they try setting up Windows Clustering. Following are the step, it’s may help. I’ve done it!

1) Create a new guest virtual machine with the following settings or higher:
RAM: 256MB
Ethernet 1: Bridged
Ethernet 2: Host-only

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