Are you a MAPS Subscriber?


As a Registered Microsoft Partner, you can subscribe to the latest Microsoft software, tools, training and business-critical support at just RM1326.00 a year. All this are made possible through Microsoft Action Pack Subscription (MAPS).

What’s included in MAPS?
When you sign up for this cost-effective, annual subscription, you will receive one Welcome Kit and three Quarterly Update Kits, including internal-use product licenses to test and demo, as well as in-depth product information.

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The fastest way to resize image – Image Resizer

Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP – Image Resizer

This PowerToys can help you to resize one or many images(s) in the fastest way. Just Right Click -> Resize Pictures and below wizard will appear;


After that, select the preferred  size that want  and click OK. The image resizing will start and it’s done!

You can download this software HERE

Visit Microsoft Website to find out more PowerToys!